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For those who believe in what you cannot see, welcome to my world.  For those who do not, I have something to show you. Here negative and positive energy takes form, and becomes a visible reality. 

I face the surreal with a brush, some paint, and a pencil or two, creating what my feelings see.  Color is my power tool.  Color sets the stage.  For in art, my thoughts are free to exist from the rituals of habitude.  I don’t want to illustrate a subject in its realistic state, but with the energy that resonates from it; the theatrical, intangible communication existing behind the scenes. 

I am interested in the ambiance of our journey. It is the daily melody, blended with the harmonies and dissonance, which create the composition of our life.  If we could only slow down, observe and feel with our own passionate Creator.  The wind may whisper. Trees may sing.  A soul may be crying.  Listen with me and respond.


Shelly Mullani-Bales, was born in Pittsburg, Ks in 1971, growing up in rural LaCygne, Ks. She stated at age 4, she was going to be an artist when she grew up.  Shelly holds a Master of Arts in teaching K-12 from the University of Central Missouri as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Art with distinction from Ottawa University.  Her background includes specialized studies in Art Therapy for children. Shelly’s commissioned art includes murals, graphic art, painting and illustrating, often with a whimsical flare.  


Shelly lives in Appleton City, Missouri, a peaceful, rural town where she currently resides with her husband Tony. She has three children: Kevin, Kayla and Nick, and is grandma to Bentley, Thadius, Harmony, Odin and Persephone, whom she loves to spoil.

Aside from teaching, painting and illustrating, the high-spirited artist is inspired by every-day life, nature, music, and the child-like vitality in us all. 

"Shelly pours her heart and soul into every piece of art she creates like a musician writing a song. Every detail tells a story about who she is and represents her inner spirits."

Chad & Erin Vogel

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